Apple iPhone 11 - Wifi antenna

Guide with all the necessary steps for you to change the components of the Apple iPhone 11 (A2221) yourself.


Tutorial: Step by step

Step 1 We unhook the screen

To begin, we must remove the two Pentalobe 0.8 (TS1) screws from the bottom of the housing, apply some heat to soften the adhesive, and with the help of a tool with suction cups we will take off the chassis screen.

Step 2 We disconnect battery

We disconnect the battery connector to work with greater safety.

Step 3 Display with headset module

We remove the five Triwing screws (Y0.6) that hold the shield, and once removed we can disconnect the flex from the screen and the headset module.

Step 4 Components

We disconnect all the connectors from the top, and remove the two flat female screws that hold the shield, since under that shield there are three more connectors.

Step 5 Cameras

We remove the two Phillips screws (PH # 00) that hold the rear camera module, and remove them, and we will also remove the front camera module.

From that step on the photographs the motherboard is not observed, but we believe that it is not necessary to remove it from this step.

Step 6 Wifi antenna

We remove the four Phillips screws (PH # 00) and the two triwing (Y0.6) that we indicated in the photograph, and we can take off the wifi antenna.

Video Tutorial summary

In this video you can watch a quick summary of the tutorial, but we recommend to follow the complete tutorial, with its explanations and detailed images.
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